I travel alone


It is not only a popular movie or the coming out of a sociopathic travel blogger. Travelling alone is a choice of life. Ok it is true sometime it does not depend only on me. I am impulsive when I decide to start a new journey. I buy flights last minute and it is not so easy to find someone that can take days off with sort advance notice.

My priority is the destination and not who can come with me. I know it is selfish, but I too much curios and I need to go away. I cannot wait. So I do my check in and I leave. May be it is called Travel Blogger Syndrome.

Often they told me: “you are so brave, a solo traveler woman!” The true is that when it is the time to leave I am really excited but I am also terribly scared. But then the plane leaves and starts a new adventure and I feel free. I make my plan day by day. No stress! Relax is my key words. And if I want to change my schedule no worry I have some new inspiration and I go!

Solo traveler is not the best definition, I start my journey alone but then I meet many other travelers that soon become friends and they share their stories and destinations.

Forget the loneliness. If you choose backpackers’ places are the best places to meet new friends that have the same passion. Do you think it is dangerous? I always feel safe, you should just have to take some carefulness and respect the local habits. Also to choose the right destination is important. In the next articles I’ll tell you about my travel!


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