Never say Never

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Mai Dire Mai, means never say never. Why did I choose this name for my blog?

Because life is a continuous surprise and you have to catch every opportunity and jump on the train before it leaves forever. So a new exiting journey is starting and it tells a new story about yourself.

Pretending you like your routine is useless. Sometimes you feel trapped and your secret dreams are about flying away. So you look for cheap flights to escape far away.

It is better to live with a little bit of  travel attitude!

What do I mean with travel attitude? I am not sure there is a real definition, but in my opinion it is living with the attitude you have when you are abroad from your place. When you are traveling on your own without negative prejudices.

Abroad  you taste different foods, you make experiences you never thought to do and you are free to discover something new about yourself.

So let’s low down barriers and open your mind. This is the only way to let positive things happen. Be ready for new adventures and stay hungry of amazing landscapes, sunrises, sunsets, smiles, surprises, hello good bye, by people who in few minutes will be new friends. This will make you feel just happy and relaxed. In the right place at the right time. Exactly where you want to be.

This could happen everyday of your life. Just do not focus on your routine and learn to see the good in every moment.

So Never say Never: Mai dire Mai.. because good things happens when you take distance form the negative one!

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